Bodacious Horror: Episode 81 - Mothers of Intention

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  • Song Name: Gill & Roscoe's Bodacious Horror Podcast: Episode 81
  • Artist: Gill Rockatansky & Roscoe Vacant
  • Album: GnRsBoHoPo
  • Year: 2016

This week Gill & Roscoe review three films with the common theme of motherhood - namely "The Visit" (2015), "Emelie" (2015) and "Goodnight Mommy" (2014). As this week's films are relatively bleak, we open out the show with a discussion of "X-Men: Apocalypse" and "Captain America: Civil War" for your listening pleasure. Tangents are numerous and a few trace spoilers may have slipped through the cracks. See if you can notice them.

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