Bodacious Horror: Episode 75 - You're a Sick World

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  • Song Name: Episode 75: You're a Sick World
  • Artist: Gill Rockatansky & Roscoe Vacant
  • Album: GnRsBoHoPo
  • Year: 2015

...And we're back once again, dear friends, with the renegade masters of horror podcasting, those MIA miscreants Gill and Roscoe who return from self-imposed exile as the Once and Future Kings of unfocused patter and misguided chatter. This week, Gill and Roscoe get caught up on 6 months of 'geek culture' in the mainstream, including "Daredevil", "Avengers", "Mad Max" and more. Hell, we even manage to talk about some horror, with reviews of "Derelict" (a 2015 fan edit of Prometheus), "Jurassic World" and a Bodacious salute to the late horror icon Sir Christopher Lee.

Twitter: @BodaciousHorror and @GillRockatansky