Bodacious Horror: Episode 40 - "You may now kill the bride"

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  • Song Name: Bodacious Horror: Episode 40 - "You may now kill the bride"
  • Artist: Gill Rockatansky & Roscoe Vacant
  • Album: GnRsBoHoPo
  • Year: 2013

In this week's Bodacious Horror Podcast, Gill & Roscoe attempt to cheer themselves up (after the frankly harrowing movies of the previous 2 weeks) with a zany and loosey goosey episode focusing on the theme of weddings! Fans of terrible music will swoon over our review of "The Bride" (1985) featuring tantric lovegod Sting, while fans of terrible films will be enraptured by our discussion of "The Newlydeads" (1987). Fans of terrible podcasting etiquette will also be impressed to hear us playing "Injustice: Gods Among Us" while discussing that one - grounds for divorce if ever I heard it. In our main feature, we finally seal the deal with the [Rec] trilogy, reviewing Paco Plaza's "[Rec] Genesis" (2012). Along the way Gill gives us his verdict on Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" (2013), Roscoe talks about meeting the Evil Elvis himself, while a few incredibly subtle hints are dropped about the identity of next week's very special guest.

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