Bodacious Horror: Episode 31 - Oh So Tyred

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  • Song Name: Bodacious Horror: Episode 31 - Oh So Tyred
  • Artist: Gill Rockatansky & Roscoe Vacant
  • Album: GnRsBoHoPo
  • Year: 2013

This week's Bodacious Horror sees Gill and Roscoe taking their metaphorical foot off the metaphorical gas pedal and slipping quietly into metaphorical slow lane. We discuss transport-themed horror including "Rubber" (2010), "Creep Van" (2012) and "Super Hybrid" (2011). We also talked about our two favourite entries in the CineCoup competition "Gillian's Just Right" and "Wolf Cop". With The Man on Gill's back and a week of train journeys and conferences for Mr Vee, this episode was never going to be a drunken lolfest. Our little show may vary in quality week on week, but so does life, my friends. Stick some smooth jazz over the back of it, and enjoy it for what it is. Normal service will be resumed next week.

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