Bodacious Horror: Episode 28 - A Baby, a Cat and a Maniac (with Robin Ince)

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  • Song Name: Gill & Roscoe's Bodacious Horror Podcast: Episode 28
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  • Year: 2013

On this week's Bodacious Horror Podcast, Gill & Roscoe are joined by a very special guest, the comedian and broadcaster Robin Ince. Backstage at his sold out show at Glasgow's The Stand comedy club, Gill & Roscoe chat to Robin about the Halloween series, Morrissey and being mates with the keyboard player from D:Ream. Amongst all that we somehow manage to find the time to discuss the work of Val Lewton, particularly "Cat People" (1942), as well as the exploitation classic "The Baby" (1972).

As if that wasn't enough we also discuss "Maniac" (2013) with our friend Rick from the band Dressed Like Wolves.

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