Bodacious Horror: Episode 25 - Horror Icons #1: Christopher Lee

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  • Song Name: Bodacious Horror: Episode 25 - Horror Icons #1: Christopher Lee
  • Artist: Gill Rockatansky & Roscoe Vacant
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  • Year: 2013

This week Gill & Roscoe are joined by our dear friend Ross Gilchrist to celebrate our 25th episode and discuss the work of horror icon, Christopher Lee. We've carefully selected some of the finest pictures from Lee's vast filmography (or more accurately, we've watched any old nonsense we could easily lay our hands on from our collections), including "The Blood of Fu Manchu" (1968), "Dracula Has Risen from the Grave" (1968), "The Scars of Dracula" (1970), "The Devil Rides Out" (1968) and "The Wicker Man" (1973). Gill watched an astonishing 24 hours of Christopher Lee-related content this week, so I think you all know who your "Phone A Friend"'s going to be should Chris Tarrant ever hit you with a Hammer question. Along the way we also discuss current horror hit "Mama", comic books, video games and, unsurprisingly, a little bit of Lovecraft. If all of that wasn't exciting enough, we also received a lovely voicemail from indie-horror icon, Daytime Emmy winner and star of the internet sensation "Take This Lollipop" Bill Oberst Jr ("Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies", "Nude Nuns with Big Guns", "Excision")!

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