Bodacious Horror: Episode 20 - An Evening With...

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  • Song Name: Bodacious Horror: Episode 20 - An Evening With...
  • Artist: Gill Rockatansky & Roscoe Vacant
  • Album: GnRsBoHoPo
  • Year: 2013

In this episode of Gill & Roscoe's Bodacious Horror Podcast, Roscoe forgot to write the description - which he usually does. That means Gill has written this one, and doesn't want to give too much away. We talk about short movie "Dysmorphia" (2012), "Railway Children" (2012), "Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical" and "American Mary" (2012).

We do our first ever interview via the internet, with Travis Campbell and Justin Martell from Troma. We ramble about stuff, as usual, and we stayed awake way past our bedtime. Oh yeah, we also kick off with a surprise guest. I wonder who that could be, can you guess?

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